Kutztown Soda Works


Kutztown soft drinks are made from the original premium recipes invented at the turn of the century. All of our sodas are made with the finest ingredients obtainable. That means pure cane sugar for the best possible taste and as always, our sodas contain no caffeine.


For Over 100 Years


Has the distinction of being one of Kutztown's oldest continually operated businesses. In 1851, Ed Immel began bottling beverages from an excellent spring near Main St. & Constitution Blvd. until 1888, when he sold the business to Cyrus Rhode and his son John. The Rhodes built a bottling plant at the rear of the homes located on Peach St.

In 2002 the Kutztown Soda Works was formed and incorporated to focus on the Kutztown soda brands. The new corporation was spearheaded by Spike and Audrey’s son Tom. In December 2007 both businesses were sold to Jeff and Dana Taylor who continue to carry on the tradition. We hope you can continue to enjoy the taste of Kutztown Sodas. Nix Besser!

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