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KUTZTOWN SODA WORKS INC has the distinction of being one of Kutztown's oldest continually operated businesses. In 1851, Ed Immel began bottling beverages from an excellent spring near Main St. & Constitution Blvd. until 1888, when he sold the business to Cyrus Rhode and his son John. The Rhodes built a bottling plant at the rear of the homes located on Peach St.

The plant was close to the Kutztown railroad terminal, where rail cars carrying beer in barrels from the now-defunct Barbey Brewing Co., of Reading, PA. were unloaded and taken to the Rhodes' bottling plant. This practice was continued from 1890-1905 by Harry B. Sharadin and from 1905-1920 by Joseph Dreibelbis. Around 1852, David Saul had a brewery which was located on Schley St., near 44 Greenwich St., where Oliver Schlenker began producing soft drinks. In 1928, Schlenker sold his business to Percy H. Keodinger. At this time Keodinger was selling beer and soft drinks for consumption. When prohibition was enacted on January 16, 1920, following the ratification of the 18th Amendment to the constitution, Keodinger focused more on the production of his soft drinks. He developed a well-liked list of 16 flavors, his most popular item being birch beer, his own recipe. After the repeal of prohibition at the end of 1933, the state assumed charge of liquor enforcement. Keodinger applied to the state for a distributor license and was granted the 23rd license in the state. Soon after the repeal, the production of soft drinks increased and the building at Schley St. became too small.

In 1940 Keodinger purchased the Leibovitz Shirt Factory of New York, New York, located at 78-80 S. Whiteoak St., the current location. The factory was originally a two-room schoolhouse, with two additional rooms added later. The schoolhouse was then demolished and the current building erected on the site, the foundation of the school still remains intact. 

After World War II Keodinger's nephews, Donald "Barney" Bieber and his brother "Elly" Bieber worked at the bottling works. In 1962, they purchased the business and property from their uncle Percy Keodinger. The two brothers continued operations of the soft drink line. With the growth of the Schmidt's Brewing Co., Philadelphia, PA, distribution rights were acquired in1954, allowing the KUTZTOWN BOTTLING WORKS INC. to become a supplier of soft drinks and beer to a larger area of customers. In 1989, after many years in the business Barney and Elly decided it was time to retire and sold the business to Barney's daughter Audrey and her husband Donald "Spike" Miller. 

In 2002 the Kutztown Soda Works was formed and incorporated to focus on the Kutztown soda brands. The new corporation was spearheaded by Spike and Audrey’s son Tom. In December 2007 both businesses were sold to Jeff and Dana Taylor who continue to carry on the tradition. We hope you can continue to enjoy the taste of Kutztown Sodas. Nix Besser!

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