Our Flavors


Kutztown soft drinks are available in over 25 states from the Northeast to the West Coast and many points in between. 

We are continually working at introducing our tasty beverages to as many folks possible!

We can be found in many "Mom and Pop" establishments, Delis, Gourmet Specialty Shops, Small and Large Grocery Stores as well as your favorite Restaurants.

If you can’t locate Kutztown soft drinks at your favorite beverage center, give us a call on our Toll-Free hotline 1-866-230-1999, and your call will be personally answered. Or, send us an e-mail and receive a prompt response.


All flavors of Kutztown soft drinks are  packaged in 24oz. plastic bottles. Select flavors are also packaged in 12oz. glass bottles. Enjoy Kutztown soft drinks individually, by the four-pack, by the case, quarter and or half barrel.

All Kutztown cases contain 24 bottles. See wholesale information for more specifics.

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We ship anywhere through UPS.